Battery replacements for Android.

Many Android phones come with user replaceable batteries, but almost all that are made now are sealed and can no longer be removed. When your Android's battery doesn't last as long as it should, it probably needs to be replaced.

Use our reference chart below for pricing, or bring it in today to have us check it out and get it repaired in as little as 1 hour.

Battery Replacement

Here is some pricing on our most common Android
battery repairs. Don't see what you are looking for? Call us or come in for a quote today
Phone model Price
Galaxy S4 $25.00 + tax
Galaxy S5 $30.00 + tax
Galaxy S7 / S7 edge $50.00 + tax
Galaxy S8 / S8 plus $60.00 + tax
Galaxy S9 / S9 plus $60.00 + tax
Galaxy Note 3 $30.00 + tax
Galaxy Note 4 $30.00 + tax
Galaxy Note 5 $50.00 + tax
Galaxy Note 8 $60.00 + tax
LG G3 $30.00 + tax
LG G4 $30.00 + tax
LG G5 $40.00 + tax

Great place to take your broken phone to be fixed. I had them put a new iphone battery in and it only took them about an hour and is under warranty for 90 days. Cost less then  $100. They also have many mobile phone accessories for just about any kind of phone. - Michael Wise @ Google reviews